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One painting street gallery

Tallinas Street Quarter / Riga / 2021.

This is a concept project - "P.Hafizov one painting street gallery". Gallery is located in Riga at " Tallinas Street Quarter" urban culture space in Riga. Artwork in white square is changing every month. Gallery was opened with the support of the Education, Culture, and Sports Department of Riga City Council on September 2021 /Artwork gallery./

Summer cloud mural

Tallinas Street Quarter / Riga / 2021.

This mural is located at the Talinas Street Quarter in Riga (Tallinas str. 10, Riga).  In Soviet times this used to be a depot for ambulance cars. Now this industrial area is managed by the Free Riga movement that helps revive abandoned houses. This place gathers art venues, bars and cafés in a previously abandoned industrial area.

Kuldiga 2nd street art festival

 Kuldiga / 2021.

The second Street Art Festival took place here, bringing together artists not only from Latvia but also from abroad. During the week, 10 walls were painted and one ceramic sculpture was created. Gradually, the newest part of the city turns into an impressive gallery of outdoor art.


Kuldiga 1st street art festival

 Kuldiga / 2020

The first street art festival takes place in Kuldiga from September 14 to 20/2020. The idea was born by discussing how to make the new part of Kuldiga more attractive.

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